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 Polaris Sportsman Rear Bushing Fabrication

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PostSubject: Polaris Sportsman Rear Bushing Fabrication   Sun Aug 24, 2014 5:30 am

Was sitting on my trusty snap-on work stool pondering what use all these worn used bushings & inserts from the RZR could possibly have..
I was also staring at the rear wheel "Detroit Lean" camber issue on the SP 800 where the rear wheels are now pointed noticeably inwards at the top..
Decided to tear into the rear suspension to see how bad it was & what I needed to order . Is very similar to RZR 800/Ranger rear suspension.
Found rear wheel bearings are still good - pleasant surprise ! Very Happy
Found all bushing metal inserts worn out , not all bushings trashed but worn ..
The worst ones were the upper hub carrier inserts . Since I had it apart decided to do some fabricating ...
Old worn out upper hub carrier bushing insert

Old rear lower RZR 570 suspension insert ( notice center section of it has no wear )

Decided I could make replacements out of the still good center portion of the RZR insert .
Put in vise & cut off worn out ends on each side ..

polished with wire wheel .

End results - like new SP 800 upper bushing inserts

Cleaned & Lubed all the other bushings and spacers while apart & reassembled for now , they wear on the sportsman but not as badly or quickly as the RZR bushings do. Can get many more miles out of them on the Atv ..

Rear wheel "Detroit Lean" is gone Cool
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PostSubject: Re: Polaris Sportsman Rear Bushing Fabrication   Mon Aug 25, 2014 7:39 pm

Very Nice...

Good Idea and Great Write Up Exclamation
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Polaris Sportsman Rear Bushing Fabrication
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