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 Fixin various things

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PostSubject: Fixin various things    Fixin various things  Icon_minitimeSun Jan 03, 2016 5:18 am

Got my ass handed to me Tue & Wed at work
Came in for clutch pedal to floor , clutch hydraulic system hosed,install master cylinder Very Happy
Thought easy hydraulic system fix and bleed - wrong pale
then when installing slave found broken grease tube for throwout bearing, bell housing packed with grease , brake fluid & clutch debris - the entire clutch & clutch brake & transmission input shaft also toast Sad Sad Sad Sad
Ended up with stiff sore back Evil or Very Mad which slowed me way down & took me an additional day longer to do job ,
punished my ass Evil or Very Mad

Fixin various things  2694E273-A785-4542-9D6D-0DC334895927_zpsxximhums

Day off Thursday - slept in until 11:30 with sore back , lol
Decided to do something with all these damn broken space heaters I have in the breezeway since it finally got cold out.
Fixin various things  4D10E164-0189-4EC1-9374-19B7FEFA5B58_zpshhclbyik
Fixin various things  9D3A44AB-F491-4276-AC8D-529359BF02CD_zpshr504akt

Friday and Saturday worked out in the driveway on the F-150 project tearing down the motor
Toasty 27- 30 degrees out and the moisture in the air hose freezing at times
Fixin various things  2185EFE7-1B3C-4046-BF75-4582A2874BC9_zpskctmhlfx

Found failed left timing chain tensioner , Vtc solenoids , broken chain guides and excessive chain slack .
Left timing chain almost totally sawed into the oil pump and also sawing the engine block .
Surprisingly it hadn't jumped & still ran & drove , but was noisy
Fixin various things  B52D3957-A207-4D36-B87D-C923C5B8700D_zpspgrlgzck
Fixin various things  D2C5DD84-CEDC-49DF-8BD8-5F2381C75386_zps1jruqlzm
Fixin various things  F883B5DD-EE1A-4C23-A462-07738E1D896A_zpsfm4yiyky
Fixin various things  E075AC3C-C9D7-4D7F-8A7F-41A25290D257_zpslcaysito
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PostSubject: Re: Fixin various things    Fixin various things  Icon_minitimeMon Jan 04, 2016 3:52 pm

Be safe - Pace yourself Cool

My back hurt just looking at the first pictures.
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Fixin various things
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