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 Another Engineer story

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PostSubject: Another Engineer story   Wed Jan 18, 2012 1:10 pm


A priest, a thief, and an engineer were about to die at the guillotine for crimes against the state. The priest went first, and was asked by the executioner, "head up or head down ?". The priest replyed "head up so that I may see my maker". With that, the executioner released the blade and down it came stopping just short of the priest's neck by an inch. The executioner exclaims, "we may only try this one time, so you are free to go". As the priest leaves shaking his head, the thief is called up. The executioner asks, "head up or head down ?" The thief replies, "it worked for the priest so I'll go head up". Once again, the executioner releases the blade, only to stop short of his neck by an inch. And again, the executioner must allow the thief to be released. With this, the engineer is called up. The executioner snarls "head up or head down". "Head up", says the engineer for obvious reasons. As he is being placed under the blade, he shouts with a mighty voice,..." STOP,...I think I see the problem !!".

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Another Engineer story
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