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  Vote for SSRT @ Pepsi Refresh

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PostSubject: Vote for SSRT @ Pepsi Refresh   Tue Jan 11, 2011 10:18 am

Copied from SSRT's website


Headwaters RC&D applied for a $25,000 grant for Snow Shoe Viaduct Safety Repairs online through the Pepsi Refresh site. Beginning January 1, this may be accessed at www.refresheverything.com/viaductsafetyrepair2 . We encourage you to vote for this project every day throughout the month of January.

Following are the details:

• Go to www.refresheverything.com/viaductsafetyrepair2
• Register by creating a username and a password - This just takes a few minutes
• Click on the "Vote For This Idea" - It will be added to your "Ideas You Support" list
• After you vote for other projects (up to 10 votes/day total), they will all be listed under your "Ideas You Support" list
• After you access the "viaductsafetyrepair2" site for the first time, you can either access the Pepsi site directly or through the project website above
• To access the Pepsi site directly go to www.refresheverything.com
• You will be able to sign in and vote for 10 projects each day
• The "Ideas You Support" list can be found on the home page
• To find our project, click on the "Vote For" drop down box to "Ideas You Support" and click on $25,000
• Please network with the other projects you vote for to trade votes

Please share with family and friends.

For anyone using Facebook, this is a great opportunity to link the web address to your page and get your friends to vote.

The success of this project depends on your daily votes and networking.


For more complete details of this project, please check out the website. For a brief overview now, please read the paragraph below.

The "Improve Public Safety for Public Trail Users" project is to keep the users of the Snow Shoe Rail Trail safe while crossing the Historic 770' long Viaduct Bridge. The multi-use-rail-trail users cross the bridge regularly to enjoy the beautiful breathtaking view of the countryside in north central PA. This project will provide a hand railing on the east side with chain link fencing on both sides where none currently exists. The decking on the 100' + tall bridge consists of railroad ties with some replacement needed. The ATVs cross on a narrow band of expanded metal with a moderately safe handrail on the west side. This project will also preserve a critical trail link between Clearfield and Centre Counties. The loss of this link would severely impact the usability of the trail and result in recreational and economic losses.

Thank you for your support.

Terry L. Marsh
Program Assistant
Headwaters RC&D
814-375-1372 Ext. 102
FAX: 814-375-2453
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PostSubject: Re: Vote for SSRT @ Pepsi Refresh   Tue Jan 11, 2011 8:46 pm

Good Post scooter

We'll keep voting, hope it does better then the one last spring.

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Vote for SSRT @ Pepsi Refresh
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