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 RockHouse / Buffalo Mtn

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PostSubject: RockHouse / Buffalo Mtn   Thu Jun 25, 2015 7:50 am

Looks like the RockHouse part of the connector to 52 is oficalLee open

If my fuzzy memory serves me correct
Trail 41 appears to follow a brief portion of old 27 then goes straight west to 44 South of Sara Ann , probably a mile or 2 of pavement riding North on 44 at the crossing to the Hatfield Cemetery

I believe but don't hold me to this
Trail 42 past trail 41 after leaving 26 I believe has a hillclimb , then is gravel rd that veers north back towards 41 at a pumping station
Wild Horses are also in this area of the pumping station

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RockHouse / Buffalo Mtn
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